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The antique farm house serine of the 1600 has been restored taking care to conserve its original architectural aspect.

Serine is surrounded by olives, figs, oleanders, eucalyptuses and pine trees and it is the ideal place to spend quiet and relaxing days with a very welcoming atmosphere. The farm house has 3 floors: on the ground floor 3 two-roomed and 3 double rooms, on the first floor a reception-desk, two dining-rooms, a solarium is on the 2nd floor.

At the ground floor in summer any dinner is organised on a paved area surrounding the building, in the enchanting olive-trees and perfumed oleanders. The area is quite windy and shaded, in the green of olive-yards and the blue of the sea on the background.

Accomodation is offered on the ground floor of the farmhouse with the type of apartment (living room and bedroom) with kitchenette and bathroom and the type of room with bathroom.

For families there are 4 types of accomodation: 3 apartments (il caminetto, la vecchia stalla, il vecchio forno) and a big room with 4 bed places (la iucca). We have also 2 double rooms (la stella, la pajara).

Main services offered

  • Wi-fi
  • Fridge
  • Air conditioning
  • Television
  • Private bathroom with shower
  • Heating
  • Private outdoor space
  • Private kitchenette (in the apartments only)
  • Parking
  • Children’s playground
La Vecchia Stalla

La Vecchia Stalla

It is a nineteenth-century building that collapsed in the 1970s and was rebuilt.

La Stella

La Stella

It takes its name from the characteristic vault of Lecce that has been highlighted in this accommodation.

La Pajara

La Pajara

It is the result of an expansion carried out in 2002 and takes its name from the type of stone cladding.

La Iucca

La Iucca

It is part of a nineteenth-century extension of the original building.

Il Vecchio Forno

Il Vecchio Forno

Inserted in the oldest building, it was used as an oven for drying figs.

Il Caminetto

Il Caminetto

An integral part of the original body, it was a small shelter for farmers engaged in agricultural work.

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