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“Listen to your body and it will tell you what needs to be done”.

Serine farm is not a massage parlor, but a little reality that aims at the wellness as an integral part of a more complex drawing which includes a location dipped in nature, healthy food, ensured by organic products, time to do fitness offered by sports farm, and in the end some “pamperings”, so called by our specialist and friend Daniela. Your body gives you emotions and needs and we want to teach you to listen to them. Release stress and cleanse the negativity due to your intense workdays, will give you another and better attitude. To ensure even more memorable your stay, we got a world to show you and new experiences: going across the world of essential oils, of body’s lines, of bach’s flowers, from shiatsu massage to thai one. Don’t run after the time, it will pass away. Use it well and your body will benefit. Download “pampering” list that Daniela made for you and reserve your favourite treatment together with your stay, directly from here:

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