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The project “sports farm” has the aim to get athletics, not only in a competitive way, but above all fitness, out of the city in land and in the parks, in a natural environment, but at the same time structured, promoting hospitality, products and services of farm. At the heart of the project there are the so called “smart projects”: actual training tracks in the countryside, where you can run or walk in places in which agri-foodstuffs culture is the norm, discovering what are and how are produced all those foods, essential for a balanced and healthy diet , both for the professional athlete and for who takes some exercise for the pleasure to feel good. In the gallery you can find some photos of vittorio brandi, apulian torchbearer at the summer olympics of london in 2012 and winter ones of pyongchang in 2018; our dear friend who took part during the opening of the sports farm.

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